Agile Beyond Boundary

ABB boundary is unique initiative with vision to bring Agile culture beyond the boundaries of IT Industry. ABB is the community of thought leaders, product managers, Agile coaches and Agile practitioners, with vision to build Agile mindset in the industries

Agile Beyond Boundary brings series of contents focusing on developing agile mindset at its core.

Two Minutes Gyaan (2MG)

2MG series is the series of small capsules of 2-5 minutes videos. Even they are small, they have great potential to improve the agile ways of working in your setup. Enjoy watching them in the below YouTube series – 2 Minutes Gyaam

The Journey of Being Agile

The Journey of Being Agile is the series of 10 Videos focusing on core Agile Values and their implementation in the industry. It takes you through core purpose of Agile using very simple examples and then explaining the different frameworks in use – The Journey of Being Agile

Tea Time Agile

Tea Time Agile is unique in itself. It will bring the series of guest speakers as industry leaders, talking from their heart and sharing their expertise of ABB Platfrom.

What’s better than having tea and learning from the professors, leaders!! – Tea Time Agile

About Us

Agile Beyond Boundary is the global knowledge sharing portal started by few Agile lovers from the Industry. Vision is to make knowledge freely available, shareable and accessible to everyone.

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