Ep 10: How to build “Transparency” in the team?

Ep 10: How to build “Transparency” in the team?

Welcome to the next Capsule of 2 MG by Vijay S Magdum

Transparency is the key pillar of Scrum. If you do not have transparency in the team, it will lead to a loss of trust and even leading to negative practices like blame-game!!!

If we use a few tools and behaviors, we can build great transparency in the team:

1. Daily Standup

This is a fabulous tool to keep transparency in the team. Every single team member come with –

  • What he did yesterday
  • What he is going to do today
  • What is blocker/dependency in his work

This builds great transparency in every single team member. Just don’t keep it too lengthy.

2. Retrospective

The retrospective is no audit of the team but it is the platform to understand – what are the areas of improvement and how we can improve them?

Every member should participate with blockers, issues, Ideas, and even solutions. It creates a consistent understanding of the team. Just be respectful of each other’s opinions, comments.

3. Avoid building teams in the team

When we build the team, people with different mindsets, different backgrounds, different skill sets come together to form a team. It is very normal people with similar personality traits coming together and forming the groups. But if these smalls groups are forming in the team, it is better to avoid it.

We can do it by, co-location or team building activities

4. Effective use of Scrum Board

Scrum board is a fantastic tool to build transparency in the team. Everything that is related to the results- should be transparent and accessible to the team. You can have issues, WIP items, Done Items, and even Pat On the Back or motivational quotes on the board. Effective use of the Scrum board is the key.

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