About Us

About Us

By the community, for the community

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Agile Beyond Boundary (ABB) is community portal started and managed by agile evangelists from across the globe.

ABB an invitation to all agile enthusiast (be an agile practitioner, an expert or a learner) to contribute by publishing their thought in form of the blog, microblog (just a few lines), one-liner quotes, video post or creative images.

It’s sole aim is to explore Agile acceptance and related learning beyond the boundary of any specific industry or framework. This platform is for everyone by everyone.

Idea is to share your experiments, learnings, success, failure with wider group. It can be in the form of a blog, a punch line, an image or a graphics or in any other form that may convey the idea and experiments with ease.

Join this community, and share the learnings…

Next Steps…

Share your thoughts to – agilebeyondboundary@gmail.com

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